About us


The ProHearings investor universe is mixed: We have both professional and private investors with us. (25% Pro, 25% semipro and 50% private when we follow up). Investors that attend our meetings, watch the live webcast and watch your own video afterwards. We have most of the professional investors that have a mandate to invest in small and mid cap listed Nordic companies in our system. Since we are not linked to a particular corporate finance firm, listed companies that present at ProHearings get a wide reach with us. We have a live audience of around 35* investors on our meetings and then typically around 500 that view our live webcast. Your own professional presentation video will then  add another 200-1000 more viewers. We allocate time to make the Q&A session after your presentation as interesting as possible for our investors..

ProHearings produce personal halfday investor meetings/shared Capital Market Days with only 4-6 companies. With our format each presentation receive full audience focus. Companies that participate at ProHearings often focus on growth. Investor presentations at ProHearings are done in English or Swedish. For more details about ProHearings, please email lars.ostlund@prohearings.com for a detailed and personal information via tel or video conference.