For listed companies


The ProHearings investor universe is mixed: We have both professional and private investors with us. 25% Professional investors, 25% semiprofessional and 50% private investors according to our regular follow ups. Investors that attend our meetings, watch the live webcast and watch your own video afterwards. We have most of the investors that have a mandate and interest to invest in small and mid-cap listed Nordic companies in our system.   Since we are not linked to a particular corporate finance firm, you get a wide reach with us. We have a live audience of around 35* investors on our meetings and then typically around 500 view our live webcast. Your own professional presentation video will then add another 200-1000 more viewers. Here is a 5 minute video (in swedish) that give you 5 reasons to include ProHearings in your IR schedule: 5 skäl att presentera hos ProHearings

We allocate time to make the Q&A session after your presentation as interesting as possible for our investors and we like to go over the session with you beforehand.

ProHearings produce personal half day investor meetings with only 4-6 companies and because of that format you will have a full audience focus on your presentation. When you participate at ProHearings you tell investors that you intend to grow. You can choose between presenting in English or Swedish.

ProHearings regularly arrange shared capital markets days in central Stockholm.  With our live audience, well respected Q&A session, live webcast and your own video after the event, we give you a time and cost-efficient all-in-one for your IR calendar.


Other related services that ProHearings offer

-Live webcasted annual meeting. App based weighted voting system available.

-ProHearings hosted livestreamed quarterly reporting, via Videoconference and live webcast combined.

-ProHearings 1-1 Hearing: We meet with you in a 1-1 session and produce a video for your investor presentation.  This can be well done remotely so you don’t have to travel, and we schedule to fit your IR calendar perfectly. (A good use is to make a well-timed in-depth comment to a business news item that you press release)

-Premium ProHearings press release putting your presentation video and related documents on the following three major news sites: , ,

If any of the above services are of interest for you: Just call or email so we can discuss how to do this best for your company.